Basic information
Interviewer ID: 019
Name: Byambajav
Parent's name: [blank]
Ovog: [blank]
Sex: m
Year of Birth:
Ethnicity: [blank]
Occupations: [blank]

Additional Information
Education: [blank]
Notes on education:
Belief: [blank]
Born in: [blank] sum, [blank] aimag
Lives in: [blank] sum (or part of UB), Ulaanbaatar aimag
Mother's profession: [blank]
Father's profession: [blank]

Interview ID Interviewee SexYear of BirthEthnicity Location
060101A Choijamts m 1928 [unknown] Ulaanbaatar
060101B Choijamts m 1928 [unknown] Ulaanbaatar
060101C Choijamts m 1928 [unknown] Ulaanbaatar
060101D Choijamts m 1928 [unknown] Ulaanbaatar
060101E Choijamts m 1928 [unknown] Ulaanbaatar
060102A Nastan f 1937 [unknown] Ulaanbaatar
060102B Nastan f 1937 [unknown] Ulaanbaatar
060103A Nanzai f 1943 [unknown] Ulaanbaatar
060103B Nanzai f 1943 [unknown] Ulaanbaatar
060201A Tserendeijid f [unknown] Ulaanbaatar
060202A Nanzai f 1943 [unknown] Ulaanbaatar
060203A Mönhöö m [unknown] Ulaanbaatar
060204A Narmandah f 1966 [unknown] Ulaanbaatar
060205A Odmandah f 1980 [unknown] Ulaanbaatar
060206A Nanzai f 1943 [unknown] Ulaanbaatar
060207A Möngöntsetseg f 1959 [unknown] Ulaanbaatar
060208A Otgonchimeg f 1963 [unknown] Ulaanbaatar
060209A Tsevelee f 1972 [unknown] Ulaanbaatar
060210A Badamgerel f [unknown] Ulaanbaatar
060211A Möngöntsetseg f 1959 [unknown] Ulaanbaatar