Basic information
Interviewee ID: 990066
Name: Dambadoo
Parent's name: Jambaldoo
Ovog: Borjigin tsets
Sex: m
Year of Birth: 1925
Ethnicity: Halh
Occupations: retired

Additional Information
Education: elementary
Notes on education:
Belief: Buddhist
Born in: Bayanjargalan sum, Dundgovi aimag
Lives in: [None Given] sum (or part of UB), Ulaanbaatar aimag
Mother's profession: herder
Father's profession: herder

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Summary of Interview 081209A with Dambadoo by Baasanhüü

Dambadoo was born in Bayanjargalan sum, Dundgobi aimag, in 1925. The family was rich in livestock and his father, Jambadoo used to work in the sum center due to his official work (with the Party), so Dambadoo together with his mother, brothers, and sisters lived in the countryside to take care of their livestock. During that time the poor lived near a rich family and herded the livestock of the rich and provided food and drink and even Dambadoo’s family had assistant herders. Although he could not study in school because he got cystic echinoccosis when he was child, he learned to read and write by imitating his brothers and sisters when they did their homework.

In 1945, he was conscripted into the army and he took part in military operations and was awarded the title of “Excellent Sniper”. He said, “even though the war was over, there was resistance in some places. After the Japanese surrendered, he chased and arrested 7 enemies”.

Dambadoo was a hunter and liked to hunt. When he was young, he hunted 30 antelopes and delivered them to the “Hunting Agency” and rewarded with a “short yellow” (a nickname for a specific type of gun); later he fulfilled the above-mentioned norms again and was rewarded with a small-bore gun.

Summary of Interview 081209B with Dambadoo by Baasanhüü

He took care his two boys for 10 years by himself as his first wife passed away. Then he married his current wife and they had 4 children. In middle of the sixties, he worked as an agent in Gobi-Ugtaal sum and his main responsibility was to deliver consumer goods and commodities to the herders. At that time the camel was the main vehicle to accomplish the agent's work and he rode one camel and loaded another camel and the goods requested in a previous trip were delivered in the next one. After a while, Dambadoo gave up agent work and started working as a treasurer for the collective. He used to manage the financial asset and liabilities of the collective and decide who would herd how many livestock, when, and which livestock they would herd.

His collective broke up when the society changed in 1990 and livestock were privatized among all the residents of the sum. Even though Dambadoo’s parents collectivized a large number of livestock and established the collective by their own initiative, it did not influence the privatization.

He moved and settled in Ulaanbaatar because his family lost many of their livestock due to subsequent severe winters (zud) that occurred at the end of nineties.