Basic information
Interviewee ID: 990114
Name: Oyunchimeg
Parent's name: Nadmid
Ovog: Tsevel-Ochir
Sex: f
Year of Birth: 1950
Ethnicity: Halh
Occupations: doctor

Additional Information
Education: higher
Notes on education:
Belief: Buddhist
Born in: Tüdevtei sum, Zavhan aimag
Lives in: Nalaih sum (or part of UB), Ulaanbaatar aimag
Mother's profession: worked in special diplomatic shop
Father's profession: teacher

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Summary of Interview 090206A with Oyunchimeg by Ariun-Undrah

Nadmidiin Oyunchimeg was born in 1950 in Tüdevtei sum of Zavhan aimag. Her family moved to Ulaanbaatar when she was a child. After completing her high school, she enrolled in the Medical University, studied for 5 years and graduated. Then she went to Hujirt mineral spring (rashaan) resort as a physician and worked there for one year. Due to the opening of the Orgil rashaan resort in Ulaanbaatar, she was transferred to the new resort and worked there for 14 or 15 years. After that she went and worked as general physician for the miners’ resort in the Nalaih district. Eventually, she became a director and physician there. When the resort was closed down in 1993 she got to be a physician at the physical treatment ward at the Health Unit in Nalaih district and worked here still now.

Her father, Nadmid, was a teacher and her mother was a herder. Oyunchimeg was the first of 5 children her parents raised. She was interested in biology and had a dream to be a doctor since she was a schoolgirl. She became a physician, as she wanted. When she was a student, foreign students from Bulgaria, Russia, and German studied in her university as well. Those students were foreign professionals who lived and worked in Mongolia. In addition, most subjects were taught in Russian and almost all professional textbooks were in Russian when she studied.

She confronted many problems she was not familiar with when she started working as a physician for the Hujirt mineral spring resort just after graduation. The books used to be her teachers in such cases and senior experienced physicians used to teach and advise her as well. A physical treatment physician worked with various patients who suffered from different diseases. Therefore, he or she could not treat their patients unless they had the proper knowledge about every disease. Oyunchimeg worked for over 37 years in her specialty and retired. Although retired, she is still working as a physical treatment physician because of lack of professionals in this area.

Oyunchimeg was interested in the history of Mongolian rashaan studies and wrote some materials concerning it. Mongolian rashaan and mud treatments date from the twelfth or thirteenth century. In ancient times, emperors and kings received this treatment.

Summary of Interview 090206B with Oyunchimeg by Ariun-Undrah

In the socialist period, before 1990, in Mongolia, many spa resorts such as Hujirt, Shargaljuut, Orgil, Janchivlan, and Ar Janchivlan were in operation. In addition, there were other resorts associated with different industries and those were highly productive forms of treatment. Those used to help people to live without any extra worries about their health because they were able to receive health services while they worked. All those treatment and health services were free. But those ceased after appearance of democracy in 1990 and most of the resorts were closed down.

Oyunchimeg recalled her time when she arrived and worked at Hujirt spa after graduating medical university. Although she was 23 years old, unmarried, and not used to being far away from her parents in that time, she dared to go there. When she came, all workers such as nurses, and hospital attendants treated with her respectfully calling “ta” (the formal 'you') as a physician even though they all were older than her. She talked about how once she cried suddenly because of homesickness. Taking an umbrella, she went alone to the mountain, sat down and cried, and a local old man arrived and calmed her down. Then she decided to have little free time, read professional books a lot, and learn to play the piano in order not to feel homesick any more. In such a way she started on her first job longing for home.