Basic information
Interviewee ID: 990341
Name: Nergüi
Parent's name: Chültem
Ovog: Borogchin
Sex: m
Year of Birth: 1958
Ethnicity: Halh
Occupations: sum boss

Additional Information
Education: higher
Notes on education: technical labour instructor
Belief: Buddhist
Born in: Dashinchilen sum, Bulgan aimag
Lives in: Dashinchilen sum (or part of UB), Bulgan aimag
Mother's profession: herder
Father's profession: herder

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Summary of Interview 090917A with Nergüi by Khishigsüren

Mayor of Dashinchilen sum of Bulgan aimag

Ch.Nergui was born in 1958 in Dashinchilen sum. He completed secondary school there. At that time there was no opportunity to study your preferred profession. Therefore, having attended a vocational school he became a driver. Then he went to serve in the military. After the army he studied at the State Teacher’s Institute and became a technical labor teacher. Then he was appointed to work in Bayannuur sum and he started to teach there. While he taught, the democratic movement appeared in Mongolia and as a countryside intellectual he very actively supported it. Since he used to do elective trade union committee work, he arranged and organized the local democratic movement and organized meetings in the sum. He recalled how they enrolled the members. The first time they organized the meeting, they announced it as a trade union meeting. He took a very active part in 1993 when the teachers called a national strike. He supported the strike in his sum and he organized it. The aimag and the party organizations and the upper-level organizations called for the strike to be called off, but it continued for a week. He feels it is his personal contribution to democracy. He thinks he has made certain contributions in the area of renovating society, changing the mindset of the countryside people. In this sense, even until today he is still living for the sake of democracy. He is well known at the upper leadership levels of the Democratic Party and the Democratic Union. He participates in the meetings from his own position and expresses and defends his viewpoint.

He talked in detail about the driver’s work and life and about his political work.

Nergui’s mother’s father had been repressed. When he inquired from his mother about about his grandfather, his mother would never let him talk about such a thing fearing they might get in trouble. But with the blessing of democracy of 1990 the rehabilitation work has flourished, and his mother told him everything about his granddad. He talked extensively about the repression and what he knew about the forefathers on his father’s side.

Summary of Interview 090917B with Nergüi by Khishigsüren

In the second part of his interview he talked about the privatization that flourished alongside the democratic process. It was a big historical event. The process of breaking up the socialist public property broke up the agricultural or collective property in the countryside and it was carried out in the form of giving the livestock to the herders. The livestock has been privatized, the state factories, apartments, agriculture and farming, the animal husbandry – all have been privatized. Be it good or bad, anyway the historical period has passed. Now we have no way to re-establish or amend what was done incorrectly. But it is important today to distribute the minerals and the land resources in the proper way, he said. He worries that land dries up intensely and the desertification process goes quickly, the plant structures are being changed. All these processes are notable.

Having won the trust of the people he is working and striving to not lose the trust of the people, develop the sum, and dedicate all his knowledge and skill to the sum, and test his own ability to do something definite.