Basic information
Interviewee ID: 990352
Name: Hishigdelger
Parent's name: Damba
Ovog: Agnuud
Sex: f
Year of Birth: 1973
Ethnicity: Dörvöd
Occupations: self-employed

Additional Information
Education: secondary
Notes on education: büren dund
Belief: Protestant
Born in: Ulaangom sum, Uvs aimag
Lives in: [None Given] sum (or part of UB), Darhan-Uul aimag
Mother's profession: factory worker
Father's profession: teacher

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Summary of Interview 090760A with Hishigdelger by Otgonbayar

Though she was born in Uvs aimag in 1973, she has lived in Darhan from the age of one. At secondary school she used to attend a play circle. Having completed secondary school, she was employed at the Youth theatre and she assisted in establishing the Puppet theatre. Initially there were ten of them. She used to watch theatre performances a lot. Though it was established in 1991, with the privatization process it was unified with the Youth theatre, breaking it up. During the four years she worked there, the Puppet theatre worked with great results. They put on 2 big children’s plays and they cooperated with the Buriad Puppet theatre. The first year she worked without a salary and later the Ministry of Culture started to support them. With the break-up of the theatre a few people have remained as actors.

With the break-up of the theatre in 1994 she came to Ulaanbaatar and attended the Bers school but her parents’ health was bad therefore she quit the school and returned to Darhan. From 1991 she started believing in Christ. When she told her father about it, he was reluctant, for he was educated by the communist ideology but he approved of her faith. At that time the New Testament has been published for the first time. Her dad read the New Testament and used to talk with his daughter about it. They had meetings at her place and her mom sat there and eventually she also believed. Her dad has told her not to invite lamas to his funeral and truly they couldn’t find a lama then. She buried her mom according to Christian customs.

Summary of Interview 090760B with Hishigdelger by Otgonbayar

The Darhan church was first established in 1991 but until 1996 they had only 2 or 3 regular believers and it was a small church. From 1996 Korean pastors have come and they worked together. Later, in 2000 these pastors settled in Darhan and started working there permanently. Today there are 27 churches in Darhan and they are conducting services.

Initially people ridiculed me when I believed in Christ but later when they understood its implication and when it was explained, they started to treat it with respect, said Hishigdelger.

There was a Russian town in Darhan, and the Russian children are quick-tempered but they are open-hearted and they quickly became friends. It was hard to go to a Russian store to buy goods but the senior people were given purchasing vouchers and they could easily purchase things by showing the voucher.

In the school, they often had a hygiene checkup and the children infected with lice were cleaned and tidied up by the other children. There was much ado about it, and the children being cleaned were scolded. Also, those children didn’t have close friends and they were slightly discriminated against.

Her faith in Christ has influenced her life the most and since her conversion she has started to live a new life, she said.