Basic information
Interviewee ID: 990490
Name: Arildimaa
Parent's name: Amar
Ovog: Baljir
Sex: f
Year of Birth: 1938
Ethnicity: Halh
Occupations: bank accountant, retired

Additional Information
Education: incomplete secondary
Notes on education: This most likely means 7 years of schooling.
Belief: Buddhist
Born in: Hatanbulag sum, Dornogovi aimag
Lives in: Hatanbulag sum (or part of UB), Dornogovi aimag
Mother's profession: herder
Father's profession: herder

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Summary of Interview 100501A with Arildimaa by Ariun-Undrah

Arildiimaa was born in Hatanbulag sum of Dornogobi aimag in 1938 and grow up there. Her childhood was spent at home herding, and her parents were ordinary herders. Although Arildiimaa had a fourth-grade education she worked at banking and financing organizations throughout her life as a bookkeeper, junior accountant, accountant, and cashier because at that time it was possible for people with such an educational level to work at these positions. She talked a lot in her interview about the collectives and about her experience. She has gone through all stages of technical development while she worked at banking and financing organizations. For example, at first she used an abacus in her work and later she used a computer. Her daughter inherited her work and now she works at Khaan bank in Hatanbulag sum. Her husband started running a mobile movie theatre in 1960. At that time, mobile movies were shown at sums and by households.