Basic information
Interviewee ID: 990498
Name: Sedjav
Parent's name: Genden
Ovog: Sharnuud
Sex: m
Year of Birth: 1938
Ethnicity: Halh
Occupations: retired

Additional Information
Education: tusgai dund
Notes on education:
Belief: Buddhist
Born in: Tsagaanhairhan sum, Zavhan aimag
Lives in: Uliastai sum (or part of UB), Zavhan aimag
Mother's profession: herder
Father's profession: herder

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Summary of Interview 100509A with Sedjav by Erdenetuya

Sedjav was born at the end of 1930. His uncle Ravjaa was mobilized into the army and got sick, returning after 5 years. Uncle Ravjaa taught him in Cyrillic at home, so Sedjav was able to read, write and do some mathematics. Also, his uncle Damdin was elected three times as a member of State Great Hural after 1950 and worked for more than 10 years there. Sedjav’s father worked as an agent at that time. Sedjav wasn’t able to learn Mongolian traditional script and Russian language. He entered the Youth League in his secondary school and was elected as a youth leader. This led him to work at children’s and youth organization throughout his life. His career started with herding at the collective. His family became a member of the collective and he successfully herded the collective's livestock together with his parents and received awards. Sedjav told how he came to Ulaanbaatar because he wanted to enroll in Finance and Economics Institute, and had some challenges in taking the entrance exams, but was able to enroll after successfully taking the exams. He became a student and studied for 4 years. He talked about his experience of going to Aldarhaan sum of Zavhan aimag to make hay and to Jargalant agricultural collective to harvest vegetables when he was a student. Sedjav first organized a New Year party when he was a youth leader at the aimag administration and his father and uncle were invited and played the Morin huur at a concert. He was appointed at the Central Statistical Agency after graduation, but he went to his hometown voluntarily and worked there. Sedjav worked at the aimag youth organization throughout his life. He dedicated most of his time to improving children’s and youth education and improving their leisure-time facilities. He worked hard and retired at 55. At that time the youth organization was very strong. It was a supporter and preparatory force of the Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party. Many people joined the Party and they had many opportunities. Sedjav also talked about religious beliefs of that period. His uncle Sangajav, who was at the Zavhan temple in the 1990s was the last monk with the title of “doorombo”.