Basic information
Interviewee ID: 990532
Name: Buhaa
Parent's name: Jadamba
Ovog: Tsengelt
Sex: m
Year of Birth: 1927
Ethnicity: Dariganga
Occupations: retired / elementary school teacher

Additional Information
Education: tusgai dund
Notes on education:
Belief: Buddhist
Born in: Halzan sum, Höh hudag sum, Sühbaatar aimag
Lives in: Baruun Urt sum (or part of UB), Sühbaatar aimag
Mother's profession: herder
Father's profession: group leader (bagiin darga)

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Summary of Interview 100603A with Buhaa by Dejid

In 1937 he used to travel by relay service. The first school of Halzan sum in was established in Asgat monastery and he taught math and language classes there. The children all used to sleep on plank beds and they used to get damp. In 1942 Sühbaatar aimag was founded and they became affiliated to this aimag. Until 1960 the ’ails’ were reluctant to send their children to school. When he came to Ulaanbaatar in 1947, there were many Chinese there. The countryside roads were very poor then. The students who had excellent marks at the Teachers’ school had a scholarship named after Choibalsan and the rest had no scholarship.

Buhaa guai was called to serve in the military right after graduation and he was one of those who built the Agricultural Institute building. Buses were rare at that time in Ulaanbaatar and he used to ride a horse. He also started to work as a teacher at the Military Hospital. At that time the demobilized soldiers took general academic exams. The soldiers’ provision was good then. He joined the party while he was in the military.

At the time he was teaching at the sum elementary school the salary was low and the environment was poor. They used to make visual aids themselves. The supplies for the central schools were a bit better. During the summer vacation the teachers were sent to teach literacy.

Though the teachers assisted the collectives they weren’t given any incentives.

During the repression the lamas were taken away on a 30 cwt. (one and a half-ton) truck.

Recently the grass doesn’t grow well and there’s little rain. Also, the springs have dried out and the ‘ails’ have to dig wells.