Basic information
Interviewee ID: 990541
Name: Zav
Parent's name: Batsüh
Ovog: Borjigon
Sex: f
Year of Birth: 1927
Ethnicity: Dariganga
Occupations: retired / messenger, negdel propagandist

Additional Information
Education: elementary
Notes on education:
Belief: Buddhist
Born in: Asgat sum, Sühbaatar aimag
Lives in: Baruun Urt sum (or part of UB), Sühbaatar aimag
Mother's profession: herder
Father's profession: herder

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Summary of Interview 100612A with Zav by Dejid

Zav guai has completed the fourth grade and at that time pens and paper were rare. She used to work as a bag agitator and she was the first to join the collective. ‘Sü hbaatar’, ‘Hödölmör’ newspapers were issued at that time and she bought those newspapers by her own agitator’s salary and distributed them to the people.

The weather has changed quite a lot compared to those days. The people mostly consumed dairy products and that’s why they had good health and they didn’t get sick.

It was a good time when the collective was developing but the salary was poor.

Zav guai concluded that the cultural campaign agitated the people for their own good and it had a great effect. There was some time when religion was prohibited and those who lit the oil lamps and made tea offerings were condemned. When getting married, the parents discussed the issue between each other and then they got married. At that time the women had no authority at all and they lived according to their husbands’ will and almost under the pressure of her parents-in-law.

Besides the collective livestock the herders had their own private livestock and in case they didn’t fulfill the plan, there was no other punishment than being discussed at the meeting. She said what she thought about privatization. The families got the livestock based on the number of family members therefore the privatization wasn’t carried out contentiously.

At that time various work was done with the organization of the bags and sums. Zav guai didn’t conceal that she was happy and proud to be the relative of a great general. Also, until the age of 82 she had never visited a hospital which testifies to the physical healthy condition of the people of that time.

Only the dargas knew what positions to employ people in, and therefore they couldn’t get the work they wished. Zav guai is proud that the Dariganga people have good character and they are good at work.