Basic information
Interviewee ID: 990561
Name: Amgalan
Parent's name: Amitan
Ovog: Hotvynhon
Sex: f
Year of Birth: 1940
Ethnicity: Dörvöd
Occupations: retired

Additional Information
Education: graduated a literacy group
Notes on education:
Belief: none
Born in: Ömnögovi sum, Uvs aimag
Lives in: Ulaangom sum (or part of UB), Uvs aimag
Mother's profession: herder
Father's profession: herder

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Summary of Interview 100916A with Amgalan by Khishigsüren

A.Amgalan was born in 1940 in Ömnögovi sum of Uvs aimag. She fell sick in 1957 and moved to the center of aimag. Since 1961 she was a server at the aimag hotel and ticket assistant at local cinema until she retired in 1991. When she was small, flour and rice were rare, people used to cook boortsog with unprocessed flour and there were few families that cooked noodle soup. In 1990 the same situation repeated.

Since she was an adopted child her father lobbied the local sum authority against sending their only child to school. She fell sick in December of 1960 and her family moved by camel from Harhiraa into the center of aimag and settled in Ulaangom. Her husband got a job at the Uvs aimag party committee and afterwards she started working. Once when she was a little girl during the extremely harsh winter of the year of monkey they moved 32 times. Normally they make around 10 moves but she will never forget that during that year they had to move that many times. During her childhood she lived in Tarialan sum where many Hoton people live. They are all very hardworking, like to sing and almost all of them dance biyelgee. When she was young she didn’t know anything about religion. Now it’s nice that we have freedom to worship.

A. Amgalan had 6 children. All of them graduated from schools and have become professionals. All turned out well, hard working and with high education. During socialism men and women had equal rights but nowadays it seems that women are more privileged. During her working years she used to work hard. Since she worked both shifts as a ticket assistant in a movie theatre her husband took good care of the kids and looked after the house. If a new movie arrived in the theatre they had to operate 7 days without any break and then the audience would decrease. At that time families did not own a TV, was nothing to watch and adults as well as children would watch a lot of movies in the theatre.

During socialism there wasn’t much lifestyle difference between people who had authority and their subordinates. She had female directors in her theatre. All used to work together. Her salary was enough for living. There is a lot of change in the climate and environment. She didn’t observe much change in the names of land and water.