Basic information
Interviewee ID: 990046
Name: Sugir
Parent's name: Hüühendüü
Ovog: Ih Ölziit
Sex: m
Year of Birth: 1963
Ethnicity: Halh

Additional Information
Education: higher
Notes on education:
Work: sumyn zasag darga
Belief: Buddhist
Born in: Manlai sum, Ömnögovi aimag
Lives in: Manlai sum (or part of UB), Ömnögovi aimag
Mother's profession: herder
Father's profession: herder

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authority; politics / politicians; work; belief; NGOs;

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climate change; nationalism; mining; Manlai sum; democracy; darga; press; Ulaanbaatar; trust; religion;

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Summary of Interview 080810B with Sugir

In this interview Sugirtai continues to elaborate on the topics of socialism and democracy. In his view, during socialism dargas were in general wise and respected people, they did not have greed as opposed to today’s dargas who use their position to benefit themselves and their families. Today, people lost trust in each other, partly because of the bad influence of the press. Although nobody says that Mongolia should return to socialism, all the negatives things that are happening today, show that democracy is going in the wrong direction. Other topics that Sugirtai mentions in his interview are Ulaanbaatar in the 1980s and Manlai sum.

Sugirtai describes himself as a moderate religious man. He thinks that some aspects of Buddhism are useful. However, he despises Christianity as a religion that alienates people from each other. For instance, instead of thanking the person who really helped, a Christian thanks God for sending that person.