Basic information
Interviewee ID: 990062
Name: Bathuyag
Parent's name: Batbuyan
Ovog: Borjigon
Sex: m
Year of Birth: 1949
Ethnicity: Halh

Additional Information
Education: higher
Notes on education:
Work: private business
Belief: none
Born in: Bulgan sum, Hovd aimag
Lives in: [None Given] sum (or part of UB), Ulaanbaatar aimag
Mother's profession: herder
Father's profession: soldier, lieutenant colonel

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work; travel; military; privatization;

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private life; military school; military service; post-war situation; foreign relations; urbanization; secondary school;

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Summary of Interview 081002B with Bathuyag

In the first part of the interview he talked briefly about his family. During the second year of study at the Military Institute he lost his father and after graduation he worked in Zuun Bayan and used to give his salary to his mom and he bought clothes from the Russian store for his younger brothers and sisters and sent them to them. In such a way he helped his family. This was something he mentioned explicitly.

He also talked about the military field training that was frequently organized under the slogan “A military man is prepared for 1000 years and is used in a minute”. The Russian military bosses maltreated the soldiers from ethnic minorities and they used to beat them. Consequently, the Mongolian army had a difference between the incoming soldiers and the old ones. The old soldiers maltreated the newcomers.

At the end of the interview he talked about agitation (propaganda) in the socialist period, of how state property was most important, and private property was a bad thing to have. But due to democracy this situation has changed. The three-room apartment that was given by the army was privatized and it was the source of developing a private business. He mentioned about his reasonable life. He also briefly talked about the nation’s life during his childhood and about the people’s life, the life of the city people and the education system of that time. .