Basic information
Interviewee ID: 990138
Name: Hishigt
Parent's name: Demid
Ovog: Borjigon - Maihan
Sex: m
Year of Birth: 1931
Ethnicity: Halh

Additional Information
Education: higher
Notes on education:
Work: radio/tv Institute teacher
Belief: Buddhist
Born in: Hashaat sum, Arhangai aimag
Lives in: Bayangol sum (or part of UB), Ulaanbaatar aimag
Mother's profession: [blank]
Father's profession: [blank]

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Summary of Interview 081107B with Hishigt

Note: this summary combine summaries for both 081107A and 081107B.

In 1967 the Mongolian Radio and TV was established with the assistance of the Soviet Union and D. Hishigt was one of the first film producers who worked there. He worked as a producer and he made a valuable contribution to the initial production of documentaries and cartoons at Mongolian Radio and TV. He talked extensively about this in his interview. In the socialist period the so called Raduga documentary festival was organized annually in Moscow, where the artistic workers of all the socialist countries participated. At that time producer Hishigt repeatedly won first place in this prominent film festival. He participated in the festival with his documentaries entitled ‘A Tear of a She-Camel’, ‘Höömii’, and ‘Dembee’. All these documentaries were produced with 35 mm color film, and the camerawork, the editing, the film script, the narrator’s work and the producer’s work were all done at the highest professional level and they were amazingly good documentaries. Though he has reached the age of eighty, he is still teaching at the Radio and TV Institute to leave his rich creative work experience to future generations.