Basic information
Interviewee ID: 990119
Name: Anonymous
Parent's name: Anonymous
Ovog: [blank]
Sex: f
Year of Birth: 1963
Ethnicity: Halh

Additional Information
Education: incomplete secondary
Notes on education: graduated 8th grade
Work: private business
Belief: Buddhist
Born in: Dalangadzad sum, Ömnögovi aimag
Lives in: Dalangadzad sum (or part of UB), Ömnögovi aimag
Mother's profession: baker
Father's profession: doctor

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industrialization; family; foreign relations; travel;

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Summary of Interview 090209A with Anonymous

Anonymous started doing archery late in life, although she has met the requirements to become a sports master. She achieved success many times in the national naadam festival. Her personal life history is the history of the training of the working class in 1970-1980s. Through her personal history you can read about it.

She was born in 1963 in Dalanzadgad and her childhood was spent in Bayandalai sum. In her childhood she used to visit her grandparents during the summer vacation and assisted them. Her parents divorced when she was in the secondary school and she stayed with her mother. Her mother was always busy with her work, and she thinks about how her mother used to do all the household work. She was raised bearing all the family burden on herself. She was a very independent child. Having completed secondary school, she studied in a vocational school in the Russian Federation. She spoke of the funny, memorable and instructive history of her working years in Marshak city. The common and widespread image of the schoolchildren studying in the foreign vocational school of that time is shown in this interview. Anonymous came to Ulaanbaatar after completing vocational school and she worked at the factory. She spoke of the ways of development of the light industry in Mongolia, how they provided the working conditions, giving clear examples. She made a mistake in her youth and she failed to marry the father of her child. She came back to Ömnögovi for it was tough to live in the city for a single woman with an infant.

Here she got married and they have many children and they live a happy life. She is happy that all her children study. Some of her children study in the musical and dance college. She also spoke of her husband in detail.

From 1998 she has become unemployed and stayed at home. At this time she attended the archery circle and she won third place in her first competition. She was encouraged and started training intensively and resolutely. She spoke of the peculiarity of archery, of her successful entry into this sports until she has become a master, the influence of her and others’ patience and striving, about the competitions she has taken part in, about the funny and instructive things happened to her during the competitions. She has become one of the powerful archery competitors at the annual national naadam.