Basic information
Interviewee ID: 990283
Name: Dashdamba
Parent's name: Tseden
Ovog: Nachin
Sex: m
Year of Birth: 1935
Ethnicity: Halh

Additional Information
Education: higher
Notes on education: Party Institute
Work: retired
Belief: none
Born in: Zaamar sum, Töv aimag
Lives in: Dashinchilen sum (or part of UB), Bulgan aimag
Mother's profession: herder
Father's profession: herder

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cultural campaigns; politics / politicians; education / cultural production; work; family;

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Summary of Interview 090731B with Dashdamba

A former MPRP committee darga of Dashinchilen sum of Bulgan aimag and a League cell darga

Ts. Dashdamba first began his work of Youth League darga in Bayan-Nuur sum. Being appointed as the first sum League cell darga, he was in charge of organizing party ideology, culture and education work among the youth under the supervision of his Party darga. He enrolled the leading youth in the League and arranged the sports and cultural events. When the collectives were being established, he used to be a freelance League cell darga.

The cultural campaigns conducted an all around policy, introducing literacy, teaching neatness, teaching language and communication skills. He recalled approving of the people who positively accepted the requirements of the cultural campaign officials of that time.

Because he had a seven-year education it was impossible for him to enter the Party Institute therefore he completed the tenth grade at evening school and then he studied at the Party Institute. He said he hasn’t achieved prominent success but he has lived up to the current time being always committed to his duties. He assumes it is the result of his being educated by the MPRP since his childhood. He is interested in race horses and it could be said to be his hobby. He talked a little about it. At the end of the interview he talked about childhood and the talent, education and life of his adopted daughter.