Basic information
Interviewee ID: 990312
Name: Renjin
Parent's name: Puntsag
Ovog: Alag aduu
Sex: m
Year of Birth: 1927
Ethnicity: Halh

Additional Information
Education: higher
Notes on education:
Work: retired, literature teacher
Belief: Buddhist
Born in: Urgamal sum, Zavhan aimag
Lives in: Sühbaatar sum (or part of UB), Ulaanbaatar aimag
Mother's profession: herder
Father's profession: smith

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belief; environment; funerals; literature; politics / politicians;

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Summary of Interview 090908B with Renjin

Renjin also talked about Mongolian traditional holidays such as Tsagaan sar and the Naadam festival. During the Naadam festival wrestling champions such as Damdin, Bayanmönh, Beejin and Batsuuri displayed their wrestling skills and glorifed our national flag to the heavens. During the Sambuu period, Tsagaan sar became an official holiday and Mongolians started to celebrate widely. Sambuu, when he was the Chairman of the People’s Representative Great Hural, was a person for the people, so he made a decision to officially celebrate Tsagaan sar in the interest of the nation.

His birth place - Urgamal sum of Zavhan aimag is in the gobi-steppe zone of the country. In other words, there are parts of the gobi in this area. But it is neither gobi nor mountain area. There are some areas that are called gobi-steppe zone. It was such exotic place. In Zavhan aimag, there is one sand hill. Through the edge of this sand hill the river Hüngüi runs.

Renjin talked about how Mongolians respect and love nature. He also talked about the customs of funeral ceremony in Mongolia. In addition, he talked about how Mongolians raise their children by telling stories and he told one such story. In 1963, Renjin started studying in the Mongolian National University and he talked about his great teachers.