Basic information
Interviewee ID: 990358
Name: Möröngua
Parent's name: Medrelt
Ovog: Goval
Sex: f
Year of Birth: 1945
Ethnicity: Horchin

Additional Information
Education: higher
Notes on education:
Work: retired
Belief: Buddhist
Born in: Hürem banner sum, Inner Mongolia aimag
Lives in: Sühbaatar sum (or part of UB), Ulaanbaatar aimag
Mother's profession: [blank]
Father's profession: [blank]

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Summary of Interview 090918A with Möröngua

Note: This summary is a combined summary of both interview parts, 090918A and 090918B.

She is the first female cameraman who graduated from the All Union Institute of Cinematography. There are only five female cameramen in Mongolia who graduated from that school. The first woman operator of the Mongolian Television and Radio, she used to go to make reports and she has produced many dozens of documentaries. But in the last thirty years she has contributed greatly to the development of children’s cartoons in Mongolia and having evaluated it, the state awarded her with the title of the Honored Artist. Unfortunately, we have eliminated the file with the first part of the interview by pushing the wrong button. There was no possibility to take an interview again. Möröngua is still producing the cartoons together with the young artistic workers in the SONO studio. She values every instant therefore we didn’t have the courage to take another interview. But in the second part of the interview you’ll find about how the cartoons have developed in Mongolia, and that they are still shown every evening on the MNPTV. The film production is a collective production. She has learnt great many things from the Honored Artist of culture D. Hishigt who is very helpful and has excessive knowledge. She likes to recall good things about him. She used to go to the countryside winter and summer time alike carrying a camera beyond the strength of her small body. She is a living witness of the Mongolian television and radio that is going to celebrate today its 45th anniversary and it is the one part of the history. (The television and the radio broadcasted its first program on September 27, 1967). Our well known journalist Naranjargal wrote a poem when my friend with ‘a little figure but a large heart’ was awarded with a title of an emeritus of art:

There are many rivers but

There are few like Mörön

There are many entitled with ‘Honored’ but

There are few who whipped like Mörön

There are many mountains and ridges but

There are few esteemed like Mörön

There are many friends but

There are few faithful like Mörön

I’m also very happy to present such an ordinary but outstanding artistic person to you readers.