Basic information
Interviewee ID: 990588
Name: Nyamkhüü
Parent's name: Ülemen
Ovog: Mömöödei
Sex: f
Year of Birth: 1947
Ethnicity: Zahchin

Additional Information
Education: tusgai dund
Notes on education: cook, builder
Work: retired / works (üilcheldeg) in sum
Belief: Christian
Born in: Manhan sum, Hovd aimag
Lives in: Jargalant sum (or part of UB), Hovd aimag
Mother's profession: herder
Father's profession: herder

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Summary of Interview 101108B with Nyamkhüü

Nyamhüü guai’s parents were Buddhists. Her dad foretold things and read sutras. In the sum and the brigade he used to read some books and he cured infant babies by splashing some milk and hyaram (boiled milk diluted with water) on them. He used folk magic (har dom), as the old people of her parents’ land said of him. Nyamhüü guai’s origin from her father’s side was a lama Keru who lived in an Ulaanbaatar monastery. He was a fortuneteller and he cured people.

Before coming to the Lord Nyamhüü guai visited a lama once or twice in the socialist period but she never believed in god and never lit a lamp oil. There was no burhan at her place. But she took into account the day when slaughtering an animal. On the day of a knife edge the animals weren’t slaughtered, dairy products weren’t taken out of the home and milk wasn’t taken out in the twilight. For 3-5 days dairy products weren’t taken out of home after castration of the lambs and the young goats.

She is a Christian. She first heard of the Gospel in the hospital. The church she attends is the first church of Hhovd.

With the coming to power of the democrats in 1990 many parties and coalitions were formed and the political life was unstable. Besides that it was a tough period for the society. At that time Nyamhüü guai together with her husband started carrying goods from the south. She crossed the border and lost 5.000.000 tögrögs in trade. At that time 5.000.000 tögrögs wasn’t a small amount. It was a very tough and hard life for her at that time. So she started to work as a school treasurer.