This allows you simply to choose one of the interviews from a basic table

Clicking on the title for each column will now sort based on that column. Clicking multiple times toggles you through the original search order (based on ID number), ascending and descending order.

For example: clicking on 'Location' once will list interviews by the alphabetical order of the location. Clicking 'location' again will give it in reverse alphabetical order, and a final click will take you back to where you started. Reloading the page will reset the list to being sorted by ID number.

Clicking on the name of the person interviewed will bring up a list of the metadata for that person.

Interview ID Interviewee SexYear of BirthEthnicity Location
060101A Choijamts m 1928 [unknown] Ulaanbaatar
060101B Choijamts m 1928 [unknown] Ulaanbaatar
060101C Choijamts m 1928 [unknown] Ulaanbaatar
060101D Choijamts m 1928 [unknown] Ulaanbaatar
060101E Choijamts m 1928 [unknown] Ulaanbaatar
060102A Nastan f 1937 [unknown] Ulaanbaatar
060102B Nastan f 1937 [unknown] Ulaanbaatar
060103A Nanzai f 1943 [unknown] Ulaanbaatar
060103B Nanzai f 1943 [unknown] Ulaanbaatar
060201A Tserendeijid f [unknown] Ulaanbaatar
060202A Nanzai f 1943 [unknown] Ulaanbaatar
060203A Mönhöö m [unknown] Ulaanbaatar
060204A Narmandah f 1966 [unknown] Ulaanbaatar
060205A Odmandah f 1980 [unknown] Ulaanbaatar
060206A Nanzai f 1943 [unknown] Ulaanbaatar
060207A Möngöntsetseg f 1959 [unknown] Ulaanbaatar
060208A Otgonchimeg f 1963 [unknown] Ulaanbaatar
060209A Tsevelee f 1972 [unknown] Ulaanbaatar
060210A Badamgerel f [unknown] Ulaanbaatar
060211A Möngöntsetseg f 1959 [unknown] Ulaanbaatar