There are a variety of different ways in which to search the interviews and data on the people interviewed. To simply browse lists of interviews, interviewees, or interviewers please use the navigation menu to the right.

Enter ID number of person to view. This number always starts with a 990

Enter ID number of transcript to view, leaving off the initial TR, but including the trailing letter, e.g. 080504A

Fuzzier search options

Not all of the data in the project is amenable to searches being generated dynamically. Sometimes it helps to have pre-set categories to look at. For example, if you search on metadata from the search option, you can not currently search for people who are either 'Buddhist' or 'a little Buddhist'. Here are some samples of broader searches that are also possible.

      Age by decade of birth
    • 1910s
    • 1920s
    • 1930s
    • 1940s
    • 1950s
    • 1960s
    • 1970s

      General religious category
    • Buddhist
    • Shamanist
    • None
    • Other